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Cloth nappy how to get set up and choose the right nappy

Hi so you’re interested in cloth nappies so this is my video about how to choose the right cloth nappies and it might be a little bit different to what you expect a lot of people just expect me to tell you which one is the best nappy that you can possibly get but unfortunately there’s not one nappy that’s the best nappy out of all the cloth nappies so let me take you through a few ideas on how you can get the best nappy for your baby without spending hours and hours of researching online reading about all the brands and I know you guys read the reviews and so let’s have a little bit of a chat about how to choose the best nappy without spending a lot of money and also to find out what’s going to suit your baby with your pregnant or you already have a baby so the first thing is there’s too many cloth nappies so this is where I find a lot of people go online and they start doing a bit of research to find the best nappy they read up on all the brands and of course every brand is the best brand and then they start reading the reviews and then some people just love the nappies and some people hate them the reason for that is because every single baby is different so you can’t get one cloth nappy that will suit all babies so what I want to do is take you through just some some very quick ideas the second thing is that people are looking when they’re pregnant and they haven’t seen the baby yet so when you’re pregnant and you haven’t got a baby you can’t buy the perfect cloth nappy for your baby because you haven’t seen it yet or experience what their toileting is like so you can’t choose a nappy before the baby’s born the third thing is that there’s lots of different fabrics there’s lots of different fasteners so how do you choose between those so basically my advice to you when you’re starting to look for cloth nappies is to stop researching just stop you don’t need to spend hours and hours wasted in front of your computer or your iPhone or whatever looking at different brands and different reviews what you need to do is basically get yourself set up with what I call a starter kit or a trial kit so what I put in a trial kit would be basically six nappies so what you need to do is get six nappies and this is really important you need to get six different brands so don’t go and buy six nappies of the same brand because all of the nappies are different for a reason for example we’ve got this nappy and this nappy so the difference between these two straight away ones velcro in one’s domes also this one has a leg gusset and this one doesn’t but it does have a elastic adjustable for the thigh sorry about that is always good and so also they’re totally different fabrics so this is where like these two nappies are both great nappies some love this one some hate it some love this one some hate it is basically because they are made for different babies what you need to do is basically go and buy five different nappies from different brands so I would get one of these I would get one of these I would also get one of these one of these and go through and you get five different nappy’s now it’s really good to get different styles as well so I tend to tell people in my workshops the best thing you can do is get a pre fold a fitted nappy a pocket nappy and all in one nappy in an all and two nappy that’s five different styles of cloth nappy and what that does is it gives you an experience with each different style as some people love pre folds and some people don’t so and some people love pockets and some people don’t so it just gives you a little bit of a starter pack to decide what you do and don’t like about the different nappy’s they all fit slightly differently someone can be but bulky but are more absorbent there’s all sorts of reasons why the different nappy’s are good the other thing you need to as make sure you get all different fabrics so we’ve got all sorts of fabrics available for cloth nappies you’ve got your synthetics your bamboos your Cotton’s and hemps there’s all sorts of different different fabrics available and you need to make sure you get a few of those different fabrics the main reason is you don’t know if your baby will react and if you just have all synthetic nappies and your baby has super sensitive skin or something like that and it reacts to synthetics if you don’t have a natural nappy to compare it to then you won’t know that it could be the fabric of the nappy not just like some people get worried about it being something sinister but it can just be the fabric or sometimes the washing powder but the other thing you need to consider is getting different fasteners because different fasteners are really important the velcro my husband really liked because it’s easy on Easy Off so basically when you’re putting it on a baby it’s super simple you put it on it’s done and what he found he’s a mechanic he gets really sore hands from working in the cars all day and he could not cope with coming home and doing up 6 to 8 poppers on on the nappies because he found it really really tricky and really quite fiddly to do them up so he much preferred the velcro nappies me being at home though I knew the value of popper nappies because with a Velcro nappy if you put a child to bed and you leave them and go and go in when they are waking up and they have a Velcro nappy and just always singlet on in the summertime what I found was my son could easily get the nappy off and he started painting the walls with the contents of the nappy which was not so awesome and that’s where I found the Popper nappies were super cool for children who can get out of the nappys and these are fantastic because it’s really hard for them to try and undo all the poppers and this is a great nappy to keep it contained in there when they are having a sleep if they do become a bit of a Houdini you can always turn it around so the poppers are on the back just for a challenge and but this if you’ve got both then you’ve got two different nappies so these were great when we’re out and about and we had clothes over the top and we wanted a quick nappy change but these ones here had their definite benefits as well especially at sleep times the other thing you need to consider is that by buying five nappies you’re gonna get a really good idea of the different styles how they fit and you’ll find that you probably love two of them like one or two of them and then dislike like the third or fourth or fifth one that you get and that’s completely normal because the baby every baby is different and what suits your best friend’s baby won’t necessarily suit your baby so the best thing is to spread out your options across some different styles and different fabrics like I said but the other thing is to also remember never get rid of any cloth nappies especially because a lot of them are birth to potty these days don’t get rid of them just because you don’t like them for a couple weeks put them aside because the baby’s constantly change so what fits them this week in two weeks time you may find starts leaking because their thighs have narrowed or they’ve got skinny waist and it starts leaking up the back so it’s you then might try the ones that weren’t working a couple of weeks ago and you might find that perfect what I actually find the best thing for most parents is a combination of brands there’s generally nobody who gets just one brand first time and it’s perfect all the way through they always have some challenges at different times but if you get four or five nappies have a go see what you like and don’t like try the fabrics try the domes and the velcro and then make an executive decision from your experience also when to start using cloth nappies is another thing and a lot of parents don’t know when the best time to start is basically it’s when you’re ready that’s the beauty about the beauty of cloth nappies is that you can try them this week maybe the baby is born this week and be like I want to start straightaway and do you know what if it doesn’t work out it’s no big deal just pop them in the wash give them a wash and then try them again next week if you want to start three weeks in great have a go if you have a really colicky baby like I did and I just ended up going one a day for quite a while then that’s fine too you don’t have to go all or nothing just start using them when you’re ready and then have a go and then you can you will make a better investment because you will actually know which nappies you liked and disliked and then you can invest sensibly going forward so I hope that helps you in the start of your cloth nappy making decisions I have lots of other videos about like the difference between birth to potty and sizes, washing all that sort of thing and so keep up with my youtube channel and hopefully you get on your cloth nappy journey soon