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How To Roll Sushi Rolls – How To Make Sushi Rolls

In this video I’m going to show you how to roll sushi. Rolling Square Sushi or Circular? When it comes to rolling sushi there are two schools of thought, there is a square school of thought and a circular school of thought. Now both are great, it doesn’t really matter, I mean just whatever you prefer to roll is what you should do. I like to mix and match because then I do one roll one way another roll another way, it adds diversity on the plate, you know? You can make beautiful color floral and you can also have them different shapes which makes it quite interesting to look at instead of just having the same plain shape.

Once you’ve decided to go circular or squared the next option is half a sheet or full sheet. Now a full sheet is easier because most people when they try to make a sushi roll they will overstuff the roll and then you won’t be able to close it. Now by using a full sheet you can use pretty much as much filling as you want and you’ll be more or less guaranteed that you’ll always be able to close it. Half a Nori Sheet Rolling The half a sheet Nori sushi roll is what is normally made in most sushi restaurants. You simply take a whole sheet of Nori and you just fold it in half and then just split and you just use half a sheet of Nori, as suggested, so just this. Now, the reason why this is used in most sushi restaurants is because you’re using way less Nori to start with and that’s saving costs. It’s quite efficient to roll it, it’s pretty fast, and it produces a nice square roll. Now how to do it. Spreading out Sushi Rice on Nori for Inside-Out Sushi Rolls What I am doing here is I’m spreading out 150-grams of cooked sushi rice or 5-ounces of cooked sushi rice over half a sheet of Nori.

Now you simply spread it out, nice and softly, don’t overdo it, that’s fine, it doesn’t have to be perfect, you just want to get a nice spread over it. Later when you roll the roll it spreads out the rice more evenly than compressed. Cover the Rice over the Entire Sheet of Nori Rolling Sushi Freehand You just add the avocado, and well it doesn’t matter – the filling. So I’m adding here some avocado and salmon, and you simply lift up the back, turn it over the filling keeping with your other fingers here, and then turning it over and pushing it in like so.

Then you just turn it over like so, and now you firm it up with a bamboo rolling mat. What I like to do is turn it on its side then firm it up again and turn it back to the original position and firm it up one more time. Turning it gives it a more uniform finish. Rolling an Inside-Out Sushi Roll with a Bamboo Rolling Mat You want to fully cover the sheet of Nori and now you want to flip it over, you want to place it on top of your bamboo rolling mat with a plastic bag over it. Now you bring it towards the end here, like so, you leave a little bit of space, and you add your filling. In this case some crab sticks and a little bit of cucumber, this is just to show, and now you begin the rolling. Just bring up the back of the mat, so you roll it forwards, holding in the filling with your fingers, and then you press in this way towards yourself, applying pressure on the back and firming it up like a square.

This gives it the square shape, by holding the sushi mat in the square shape. Now you detach, push it forward over to the next phase and just firm up that square piece. Now you do the same to make sure the roll is completely done and that’s it, now you just apply pressure from the sides and pressure on the top. You do this with both hands and using the index finger to press down and that creates a square roll. Rolling Towards Yourself or Away From Yourself? Now rolling it, you can roll it either away from yourself or towards yourself, I don’t really care as long as you just roll it.

Now most sushi chefs in the restaurants they roll it away from them, keeping the content of the roll in with the fingers and rolling it over with the thumb. Okay now when I started out I used to like rolling it towards me, and controlling the content with my thumbs and rolling it up forward, this way I could have visual contact with the food as you’re rolling it and you could see what was going on to correct it. Now the other way you can’t you have to curve over and look down underneath, it’s not as practical. I would say for beginners you probably want to start rolling towards yourself just to get some confidence and then when you can flip it over turn it around and do it the other way, away from yourself. Tips for Rolling Inside-Out Sushi Rolls Now I would say the best method is with the plastic bag around like so, it does get a little bit strange sometimes but if you just leave a little gap in the corner, so don’t completely seal it, that allows some air to flow in and out and then you get the compression, or if you could somehow vacuum seal this so you just completely have no air inside so that the rolling mat is just tight. This is the best method and if your rice still sticks to the plastic what you want to do is just run this under the tap, cold water, and even though there is no water on the plastic, you can see there are microscopic particles between the plastic and whatever you place on it, so when the rice comes in contact with it, it actually doesn’t stick to it.

The key to make sushi and not having the rice stick to your hands or anything around you is to have just a little bit of water just before you touch the rice. So either cutting it, rolling it, or touching it with your hands, even just to grab some rice, you want to always have them slightly damp, not wet, but just a little bit moist. Rolling a Maki Sushi Roll Alright the basics of how to roll a simple Maki roll is you just take your rice, you spread it out, but you leave a little gap about 3/4 of an inch long which would be about 1.5 centimeters.

Just simply spread it out and leave an imaginary line here where no rice comes over. Now you place your filling, in this case a little sliver of tuna in the middle of said rice, and then you simply bring over – now you can do this either by hand or with the help of a rolling mat. Now in the case of the rolling mat just simply place it over, bring the backend of the Nori towards the end of the rolling mat and you leave the empty side away from you. Now you roll it over and you close it so the seaweed paper meets the seaweed paper and there is no rice.

Okay, and then you simply roll it over, and there you go. This is how you make a simple squared Maki roll. How Should You Roll? I think you just find the style of sushi roll which suits you and just have fun doing it. How do you roll sushi? Leave your answers below in the comments section. END .